Mission and Values


The mission of CELLPIS is to provide patients which severe diseases access to potentially curative treatments with transplantation of stem cells available in clinical trials worldwide before they become standards.


Our medical consultants includes doctors who worked and collaborated with the biggest universities and research organizations worldwide (including Heidelberg University, Harvard University, Charité University, European Society of Blood and Marrow Transplantation among others). Those universities are with other research institutes providing patients with possibility to be treated in clinical trials with treatments that will become standards.




CELLPIS ultimate goal is providing curative stem cell therapies to the patients.


Core Values


We constantly strive to find new promising treatments only experts know about and deliver them to the ones in need.


Good Medical Practice, growth by knowledge and cooperation are our core values


We have will and purpose in serving others to stop the suffering connected with their disease.


In search of effective treatments we support research before it becomes clinical standard.